Does Checking Your Credit Score Lower It

Does Checking Your Credit Score Lower It?

Does Checking Your Credit Score Lower It? Have you ever wondered if simply checking your credit score could lower it? With credit being such an important factor in financial health, it’s natural to want to monitor your score regularly. However, you may have heard that too many checks can actually damage your rating. So what’s the real story?

The Difference Between Soft and Hard Inquiries

Whenever someone reviews your credit report, it’s called a credit inquiry. However, not all inquiries are created equal.

Soft Inquiries Don't Affect Your Score

Soft inquiries occur when you check your own credit or a lender pre-qualifies you for an offer. These types of inquiries are harmless and won’t impact your score at all, no matter how frequently they occur.

Hard Inquiries Can Lower Your Score

Hard inquiries take place when you apply for new credit, whether it’s a credit card, loan, or mortgage. Each of these applications prompts the lender to do a hard inquiry into your credit history. Too many of these within a short timeframe can raise flags and moderately damage your credit rating.

When Is It Helpful to Check Your Credit?

For certain financial situations, monitoring your credit score regularly can be quite useful:
  • If your score is very low, checking often will let you track improvements as you pay down debts.
  • If you’re new to credit, keep an eye on your score as you build history for the first time.
  • If you already have an exceptionally high rating, make sure it doesn’t drop unexpectedly.
Outside of these cases, obsessively checking your score provides little benefit and could lead to unhealthy financial habits.

The Impact of Hard Inquiries

Applying for multiple new credit lines in a short period essentially sends up a red flag that you may be financially unstable or predatory lending behaviors. This makes lenders less likely to approve your applications or offer you better rates.
Too many hard inquiries in a row have a compounding negative effect on your score as well. Each application you submit shows up on your report, incrementally damaging your credit.

When New Credit Seems Like the Only Option

For those already struggling with poor credit, it can be tempting to open up new credit cards or take out loans to make ends meet. However, this will only lead you deeper down the road to debt. If you already have debt that is weighing on you, it’s better to address it now before it snowballs. The short-term relief of more credit never outweighs the long-term harm to your finances.

Consider Impact on Credit Before Taking on More Debt

If existing debts become difficult to manage, it can be tempting to open new credit cards or lines of credit. However, each application for additional credit counts as a hard inquiry on your report. Too many of these can negatively impact your credit score over time.

Before taking on more debt, consider option like Debt settlement that could resolve what you already owe. While new credit may provide short-term relief, the damage to your credit score can hinder your finances for years to come. Always weigh the long-term impacts before assuming more debt, no matter how desperate the situation may seem.

Final Words

Checking your credit score frequently is not necessarily harmful, as long as you are making soft inquiries that don’t impact your rating. However, blindly applying for new lines of credit without considering the consequences can lead to a downward spiral of hard inquiries, score drops, and burdensome debt.

Monitor your score with discretion, only take on new credit when absolutely necessary, and seek alternative debt solutions if you are struggling to avoid further damage. With prudent financial habits, you can maintain a healthy credit profile that sets you up for long-term stability.

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